I have Jumping Worms what now?

I have jumping worms in my yard and/or garden.  What should I do?

Keep calm.  We are learning about the impacts of jumping worms in Minnesota.  It is not clear what impacts they will have at which places and for how long.  Your report will help scientists better understand jumping worms in Minnesota.

Prevent their spread off your site.  Jumping worms and their cocoons (egg cases) can be moved when soil, leaves, mulch or other organic material is moved from place to place.  By keeping that material on site if possible, you reduce the chance of spreading worms to new places.

Dispose of jumping worms in the trash.  Jumping worms live near the top of the soil surface and in the leaf and mulch layer on top of the surface.  You can hand collect worms, seal them in a bag, and dispose of them in the trash.  This can help reduce the numbers of jumping worms at your site.

Get involved.  Research is moving forward on understanding jumping worms and developing ways to manage them in a yard and garden setting.  Share information on jumping worms with your friends and neighbors, get involved with local gardening groups, and let researchers and agencies know changes you see in the number of jumping worms over time.  If you’d like to share your experiences with professionals or have suggested research topics, please fill out this online form