You can help researchers learn more about jumping worms by assisting in locating them throughout Minnesota.  This can be done on your own property and takes a few minutes once you know what to look for.


Step 1:  Visually inspect: Look at your yard, garden, woods for sign that earthworms are active. Do you see earthworms? Does your soil look like coffee grounds?

Visual inspection
Step 2:  Physically inspect: Since jumping worms live on the surface and just below the soil you can use the flip and strip method. Flip logs & rocks, mulch, compost, soil, root around, under and through litter and see what you find.

Step 3: Found some:  Do the worms move like a snake or very “unworm like”?

Check out the following video

Video file
Jumping worm movement


Step 4:  But are they jumping worms? What are the physical characteristics that distinguish jumping from European earthworms?
Jumping worm Characteristics vs European earthworms

Step 5I have jumping worms! How do I submit my data?

  • Take a few pictures of the suspected jumping worms
  • Take a 5-10 sec video of worm moving
  • You can enter your data using this form

EVEN IF YOU SURVEYED AND DID NOT FIND JUMPING WORMS PLEASE STILL FILL OUT THE DATA FORM.  We still want to know where they have not been found as well.



Submit Data

Submit Data

Even if you did not find any suspected jumping worms please fill out the form.

How to photograph specimens