Question: How do I purchase mulch, sod, wood chips, fill, or outdoor-grown plants, that do not have jumping worms? Is there a list of worm-free suppliers?

Answer: Contact potential suppliers and ask if they are aware of jumping worms, what steps they take to prevent jumping worms from getting in their materials, and if they inspect their products for jumping worms. Suppliers can prevent the introduction of jumping worms to their facilities by using clean equipment and inspecting new materials brought into their site. They can check their products and site for jumping worms before selling materials. There is not a list of worm-free suppliers.

Question: How do I get compost that does not have jumping worms?

Answer: If you are purchasing compost, you can ask if the supplier follows the “process for further reducing pathogens” in their composting method. This process makes sure that compost reaches high temperatures (131°F or above) and involves turning compost piles on a schedule. If the facility is following that process they will likely be able to kill jumping worms and their eggs. Following this process also kills weed seeds.